Butterfly skeleton.

Blanket stitched felt, sequin, bead and paper detail (495mm x 495mm). Framed and mounted screenprints (28cm x 28cm)
Screenprints (178mm x 178mm) FOR SALE

When I was working on this piece the word that kept coming to me was ‘journey’. The butterfly has a life cycle that involves striking transformation but when it emerges from the chrysalis and takes wing its flight is very brief. It is also such a delicate, fragile creature in a sometimes hostile world.

It is easy to see the butterfly as mirroring the transient nature of our own lives and at the same time our capacity to grow and evolve. I found that working on this intricate piece also reinforced the
butterfly’s lesson that we should enjoy the journey rather than getting hung up on the final destination.

While the work is in blanketstitched
felt I thought the image’s stark simplicity would translate well to screen printing so the butterfly is enjoying yet another life through this further transformation.


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